Cindy is a part-time provider who is somewhat difficult to schedule but well worth the effort. Despite her claims on her website, she isn't as available as she states, but if I can get another appointment I will see her again.

Like another independent massage provider, Cindy is on Backpage but off the beaten path (I found her ad in the Health and Beauty section). As such she's somewhat UTR and she doesn't respond to emails very well. She says that she's doing this part-time and I hope that changes.

I left a phony phone number in the contact info because she basically does everything via email. I gave her my phone number when I filled out the form on her site. She called me with a blocked number when I was at her place. It wasn't the first time I've had a provider do that, but it's still a little weird.

Anyway, the first half of her massage was fairly therapeutic. I don't know if she's had any training, but I've certainly had a lot worse. She does a little bit of teasing and I'm hoping that gets better with repeat visits.

She performs the massage in the nude but the lights are pretty low. I'm not very pushy so I didn't ask that she change the room. One thing I liked is that she keeps a mirror in the room so you can watch her a little. The finish is by hand and I think that's all there is. She encouraged roaming up top (and a little butt rubbing) but I'm not sure that she let's you get personal down under. It was a fairly sensual finish in that she talks dirty. That and her hot body are what really made it for me.

Like I said, if I can get another appointment, I'll see her again.