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Thread: No blacks?

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    Default No blacks?

    ok i sort of get why they say no blacks because sadly most of us can be thuggish way and such but i hate it when i see a sexy lady i would love to spend time with but she say no blacks. is there a way to make these ladies feel at ease to accept a non thugish black guy cause we do exist.

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    Default Already went there

    You will want to read and perhaps contribute to this discussion:

    The long and short of it is that most ladies who have that in their ad are just tired of time wasters, people who want to haggle over price, rape & rob them or try to become their pimps. In other cases, its the girl's pimp who doesn't want them seeing blacks.

    You can try to talk to them, and see if your well conjugated verbs will win her over, or move to the next ad.



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