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Thread: Not sure if LE?

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    Default Not sure if LE?

    Hi, I'm new at this and trying this out for the first time tomorrow. I found a girl on backpage but I can't find any reviews of her number, 323-545-7388. She emailed me so I think I have her real name from facebook, but how can I be sure she's not LE?

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    A lot of girls from BP, had ads posted on RB now that RB was taken down most RB data while searching via under Google/Yahoo, etc will come up blank, that's if she even had an RB account, let's not forget most providers are also using apps/hobby phones as well so "some" providers will change they're numbers pretty often, but they do keep an list of repeat clients number somewhere to let them know they gave an new number etc.

    Don't forget when they have a few bad reviews they will also change they're phone number, so in a way providers with bad reviews on RB are lucky because we won't be able to see those reviews anymore, so listen to you're guts, get to know this provider text her or talk to her over the phone for awhile, that's what I normally do, if I feel like something isn't right than I won't setup an appointment..

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    Default The Problem with LEO's is words

    At a minimum, prostitution is a crime of words.

    All a LEO needs to make a "good case" is to have you agree to some activity in exchange for money, "or any other consideration of value" and they can arrest you.

    The purpose of this is to hamper the ability of the language of commerce. It causes sellers and buyers to alter their discussions and speak in jargon. Of course, the prosecution is so biased, that in practice anyone can be arrested and jailed based on any conversation with the cop asserting that the conversation qualified as jargon for a sale.

    In practice, the LEO's will try to get you to be specific in describing "what kind of fun you looking for" while the real deals will attempt to keep the conversation as vague as possible.

    One of my favorite examples of this is a gal who sells her service as a private soup chef, giving private soup tastings and explains how if you don't follow her rules, NO SOUP FOR YOU!"

    Good Luck



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