For those wondering about Layla's looks, yes her photos are accurate. She has a nice body,lovely tits, and one round perfect ass! She is young and pretty in a GND kind of way (which is my preference anyways). It was exquisite and relaxing at the same time. The sensations were really indescribable and I felt totally satisfied at the conclusion. I hopped in the shower and hurried back (because I felt really cold after I got out of the shower), where she was waiting. I felt like a young guy with a new girlfriend just exploring with no holds barred. It almost felt like we were dating. I sort of post this review with reluctance because I hope to see her again and I'd hate to clog up her schedule. I won't lie I felt pretty awkward and nervous when I got into the room lol but I had never done this type of thing before and she helped me feel very comfortable, she is a sweetheart.