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Thread: Prostitution Loopholes in Laws Found!!

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    Lightbulb Prostitution Loopholes in Laws Found!!

    Prostitution Law Enforcement Fraud

    The police prostitution sting against escorts and hobbyist are unlawful. I did studies and found loopholes in prostitution laws. The prostitution laws are written to allow certain people to get out of the crime. Most escorts and hobbyist don't read the statutes so they don't see the loopholes. I believe attorneys are members of secret societies. I believe they have an agreement not to share the awful truth about the prostitution laws. The police officers don't understand the prostitution laws. They just go by the legal advice that prostitution is illegal. If you don’t believe the criminal justice system is corrupt, your head is in the sand. This is obvious corruption. I wrote this blog to expose the prostitution law enforcement corruption. Just remember, I don’t advocate any type of activity or conduct. My blog is to expose the legal corruption. I don't sell any product, service, or ask for donation. The blog is for information only. I don't claim that you will not be arrested. All I am doing is exposing the prostitution law enforcement fraud.

    Prostitution Loopholes Exposed
    Prostitution Loopholes Exposed

    Wyoming Prostitution Laws

    Wyoming Prostitution Laws exempt penis, mouth, and tongue penetration. If you are looking for a prostitution loophole, Wyoming has the biggest and clearest loophole. Wyoming Prostitution laws only criminalizes penetration by object. If you read the prostitution statute, it only criminalizes sexual intrusion according to 6-2-301(a)(vii).
    In Wyoming, the escorts and hobbyist got arrested for prostitution a few months ago. I doubt the undercover officers, escorts, or hobbyists offered or agreed object penetration. The police officers didn’t bother to read the Wyoming Prostitution Law and the definition of sexual intrusion.

    After they got arrest, none of the escorts or hobbyist read Wyoming Prostitution laws and the definition of sexual intrusion. They came to court and pleaded guilty to something perfectly lawful; offering to penetrate by penis, tongue, or mouth for money. That what you get for following the attorney’s advice.

    “6-4-101. Prostitution; penalties.
    Except as provided in W.S. 6-2-701 through 6-2-710, a person who knowingly or intentionally performs or permits, or offers or agrees to perform or permit an act of sexual intrusion, as defined by W.S. 6-2-301(a)(vii), for money or other property commits prostitution which is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, a fine of not more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), or both.” - Wyoming Statutes

    “6-2-301. Definitions.
    (vii) “Sexual intrusion” means:
    (A) Any intrusion, however slight, by any object or any part of a person’s body, except the mouth, tongue or penis, into the genital or anal opening of another person’s body if that sexual intrusion can reasonably be construed as being for the purposes of sexual arousal, gratification or abuse;”- Wyoming Statutes


    The Oklahoma Statutes have a loophole. Once you commit the act, you are no longer capable to commit the crime. Oral sex is considered an act. That is an embarrassing loophole. All the escorts and hobbyist got arrested unlawfully.

    “As used in the Oklahoma Statutes, unless otherwise provided for by law: 1. “Prostitution” means:
    a. the giving or receiving of the body for sexual intercourse, fellatio, cunnilingus, masturbation, anal intercourse or lewdness with any person not his or her spouse, in exchange for money or any other thing of value, or …
    3. “Anal intercourse” means contact between human beings of the genital organs of one and the anus of another;
    4. “Cunnilingus” means any act of oral stimulation of the vulva or clitoris;
    5. “Fellatio” means any act of oral stimulation of the penis; “-21 O.S. §, 39-1030

    “All persons are capable of committing crimes, except those belonging to the following classes: …
    7. Persons who committed the act, or make the omission charged, while under involuntary subjection to the power of superiors.” – 21 O.S. §, 3-152

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    I appreciate the sentiment behind this but it's incorrect. The full definition of sexual intrusion, pulled from Wyoming Statutes is:

    (vii) "Sexual intrusion" means:

    (A) Any intrusion, however slight, by any object or any part of a person's body, except the mouth, tongue or penis, into the genital or anal opening of another person's body if that sexual intrusion can reasonably be construed as being for the purposes of sexual arousal, gratification or abuse; or

    (B) Sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, analingus or anal intercourse with or without emission.
    So, clearly, both prostitution and soliciting prostitution are illegal in Wyoming.

    The Oklahoma one is even simpler and is included in your original post:

    “All persons are capable of committing crimes, except those belonging to the following classes: …
    7. Persons who committed the act, or make the omission charged, while under involuntary subjection to the power of superiors.” [emphasis mine]

    There are laws that have byzantine structures and difficult if not impossible implications, but these are pretty straightforward. The preponderance of case law covers any "loopholes" that may exist (which, as shown, these are not) and demonstrates clearly that except in states and municipalities where prostitution is explicitly legal, you will likely face criminal penalties for soliciting or engaging in prostitution.

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    Talking You are right!!

    I read Wyoming Prostitution Law incorrectly. However, I did some study on the words in the statutes. I did some study about the sexual intercourse. The intercourse requires trusting and penetration that pierce through the cervix, hymen, or anus. The exemption is the mouth, penis, or tongue intrusion that is gentle and not strong (however slight). I don't think the legislators are going to write two definitions in conflict with each other for the same word. What happen is that we don't know the definitions of words. I did some study in the Dean's law dictionary.The penetration must go into the female organ of generation. That is the uterus. If the penis stay in the vagina, there is no sexual intercourse. The legal world is in an imaginary world. That is my personal interpretation of the statute.

    If I got busted for prostitution, I want to start at the beginning. If I start in the middle, the judge will try to push their definitions on me. How am I the person in statutes?

    In some states like CO and AL, the act involves the possessing real and personal property.

    I don't buy the freeman argument that I am not a corporation. A person doesn't have to be a corporation. It can be a fiction like an estate.

    The ALL CAPITAL NAME is a fiction. So is the upper and lowercase.

    The word "include" is used to define components of an object. It doesn't exclude. Do I have these entities inside of me? Do I have an individual?

    “(vi) “Person” includes an individual, partnership, corporation, joint stock company or any other association or entity, public or private;”-Wyo. Stat. § 8-1-102 (2014)

    Do I have a corporation and natural persons inside of me?

    “The word “person” includes corporations, as well as natural persons.”- 21 O.S. Section 2-105

    What happen is that we are forced to be an actor for the person by the police? If the person get punish, we are forced or volunteer to mimic the person. Forcing someone into a play is human trafficking.

    LA prostitution law uses the word "compensation." In Louisiana is a civil law state. Here is the definition of compensation.

    “Compensation. …A civil law term meaning the extinctions of debts of which two persons are reciprocally debtors to one another, by the credits which they are reciprocally creditors to one another. 20 Am J2d Countcl etc. Section 5.” -Ballentine’s Law dictionary.

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    Default OK Free Blow Job First!!

    The key to the OK prostitution loophole is to get a blow job for FREE FIRST. You must state that what have to be done for the loophole to work.

    If I am in OK, I will talk to the escort to suck my dick for less than a minute. Then after she suck my dick, I will pay for another blow job.

    You must do the act to be in the category of incapable of committing a crime.

    If you offer or agree with a undercover decoy, it is too late. Why? You didn't do the act. If you didn't do the act, you can be charged with a crime.

    The undercover decoy will not let you do the act.

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    Default Cannot guarentee anything!!

    The previous posting is what I would do. I could not edit it to change the "you" into "I" because the time to reedit ends.

    I am sure there are prostitution loopholes in every state of the union. Some are very clear. Others are not so clear.

    I talked to an escort. She told me her mother served almost the whole general assembly.

    Politicians are not going to write laws to outlaw what they do. They will leave loopholes. Most people never read statutes. If they read it, they will delete words to fit the propaganda.

    If they realize the loophole, they will think it doesn't work in court. The courts are operating unlawfully. They need voluntary compliance. I don't comply to the BS.

    Like what I say before, I will start off with the person. Then I go into the loophole with the person. Why? The judge will have harder time to twist the definition on me. If I admit to be the person, the judge have jurisdiction.

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    Default Strike at the root! question jurisdiction.

    First of all, don't hire a lawyer, and don't take their advise. They sell you down the river every time. Its their job!

    Next up, No victim, No Crime.
    There has been no case of injury and there is no remedy to make whole an injured party. The cop is the one bringing the case, and technically speaking, he has no standing to complain, as he has no injury to state a claim, as neither the buyer nor the seller have a contractual relationship to the cop that is being violated in this instance. (the buyer or seller's spouse, on the other hand would be a different story)

    You file a motion to dismiss for the prosecution's failure to state a valid cause of action, thus leaving the court with no jurisdiction unless the required elements of a valid cause of action can be substantiated with evidence and at least one witness with personal first hand knowledge that one or both parties have a valid contractual obligation to either the cop, or the statute the cop says he is enforcing.

    In practice, it becomes a game of attrition where they alternate between railroading you, and making endless additional court dates until one side or the other tires and gives up.

    You either end the case with a guilty verdict that can be easily overturned due to the numerous fatal errors and preferential treatment afforded the prosecution, or the prosecution drops the case, or they offer you a plea bargain of pay a small fine with no criminal record just so they can say they won.

    In no event do you need to take the hit of a criminal record, probation or crazy high fines.

    Even drug felonies have been resolved with dismissals using this method.
    For more info, go to | No product or service should be provided at the barrel of a gun
    See success stories here where this method is used in many different legal entanglements. Success Stories Archives |

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