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Thread: Seattle's Most Intimate Blonde; BDSM and FBSM

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    Talking Seattle's Most Intimate Blonde; BDSM and FBSM

    Hello Curious Suitor
    FBSM/FBST Offerings
    Are you searching for something... Different? Something sensual and intimate with real raw energy exchange and a deep feeling of true connection with another human being, this is what I am offering.

    I'm here, offering to share a piece of myself with you because I think the world needs more intimacy and that is something I can provide and give to the world.
    Don't let my tough exterior frighten you away, I am very gentle and so incredibly human. Although I primarily play as a Domina I am not just a one dimensional being. My goal is to connect and share intimacy and that means I will match your needs and desires and I will relish in it.
    Come join me in my safe little corner of the world lit by candles and allow yourself to turn off for a while; Leave your anxieties and tensions with your coat at my door and take some time to truly relax and let down your guard. In addition to intimate connection I will rub away all of your aches and pains, mend any muscular injuries you may have and leave you feeling better than brand new.

    My incall is a very private space on the ground floor of an old house located near Fremont but I'm more than happy to come to you as well. With enough notice, I am available every day of the week and I am happy to work around tight or confined schedules.

    Menu includes:
    DFK, Mutual Touch, Body slide, FBSM, FBST

    Contact Information
    Website: Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls - Welcome
    Text Preferred: 206-486-4960

    General rate break down:
    260/60 360/90 460/120

    I'm also offering a review special, ask me about it!

    BDSM Offerings

    Hello pet, allow me to introduce myself; I am your darkest fantasies, your deepest desires and the product of your wildest dreams. I'll draw you in with my curves, intellect and gorgeous looks and then I'll sink my claws into you and leave you breathless.

    Allow me to draw you in with my luscious curves & intelligence then keep you coming back for more. Whether you're curious, experienced or in between I can feed your lust & awaken new ones within you.

    I'm open minded, sensual, open minded and I love to connect with my playmates and very very playful. A session with me ranges from EXTREME to very sensual and sexy, depending on the mood of course. I strive to connect with the people I play with and get inside of their heads; My favorite thing is making ultimate fantasies become reality. It is very important to me to have a good connection with someone, to not feel rushed and for both parties to enjoy themselves so I try my best to create an atmosphere that encourages all of those elements.

    Here are some scenarios that I enjoy.

    Chick with a Bigger Dick; Your dick may go soft, but mine never will. Enough said.

    Freak on a Leash; Public play sessions of varying degrees of intensity. For example; discrete play, being dressed up and paraded around and much more.

    Slut Training; Deep, immersing feminization sessions where you learn how to be a pretty, obedient girl.
    Through strict protocol I take full control over you and slowly wreck you through breeding sessions and glory hole expeditions and finally, pimp you out for my amusement.

    Psychotherapy; Heavily focused on psychological control, particularly hypnosis and other forms of mental domination & control. While I emotionally disarm you I will also get deep under your skin and program you to obey my every whim.

    Surrender Yourself; Heavy role playing combining deep, dark taboos, intense psychological & physical play with extreme power exchange that leave you dis-empowered and at my mercy.

    Sole Goddess; Foot worship and lots of it. Missing, licking, sucking, massaging and oh so much more.

    Mommy's Boy; You are my ward, my baby, my younger brother, the boy I'm babysitting, my younger friend or the ***** I'm a nanny for. I control and care for you, feed and clean you all the while reminding you that you're under my thumb. Maybe you'll be lucky and you'll get to try my milk.

    The Full Bubba; Last but not least, an experience that I like to refer to as "The Full Bubba." TFB can be described as a rough kidnap and/or rape style roleplay that simulates a real kidnap/rape (van included in certain situations.) Essentially, you get the privilege of being my bitch.

    Interested in getting your kink on or indulging in an intimate FBSM session?

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