I donít care if we meet somewhere public first or at my place, Iím just looking to have some safe fun honestly. So plz donít hate me as I ask you for a tiny favor. It will only take a few seconds. Itís just so I know youíre not like on any kind of wanted list or some creep. If you can pass the verification, uíll be able to see my profile and get my number so just give me a call. It doesnít cost anything; itís just a real quick background check. Hereís my profile link: privatedividend.com eronita BTW do you like my pics I just took for you? If that doesnít convince you then I donít know what will! :P
I have lots of free time. Sorry if it seems like Iím being a bitch and making you work too hard, but I have to look out for my own safety. There are tons of weirdos out there and I just want to have a good time. Hope you understand cause I really want to meet you