Questions About Getting the Most Out of Strip Clubs in Ontario Canada

I was wondering if anyone has any advice or any tips or tricks to try and ummmm lets say try and get the most out of lap dances at Strip Clubs .... realistically I will probably never go to a Strip Club outside of the GTA General Toronto Area ....I was wondering if there are certain ways of asking for things once your in the VIP Lounge that will not get you in Trouble with the Stripper Or the Security ... IF there is a certain way of asking for "more" with absolute minimum risk of pissing of the stripper or the strip club security ..... And if anyone know of any strip clubs that would be good for this in say in Toronto or in Niagara Falls ..................................

I have not had very many lap-dances ... I think I have only had like three in my life.. The Last one I had I asked the Stripper what the rules are before we began and she said

" no penetrating of any orifices "

" no kissing "

" and no cumming / ejaculating in your pants "

This stripper was the youngest and the best looking of all
the strippers of all of them I am not sure if that makes
a difference ....

If You just want a hand-job is it realistic to
get one for like another $20 or $40 or is that not enough money ?
I absolutely 100 percent would not want more than a hand-job
so if you are smart about it and nice about it ( advice wanted )
can you get a Hand-job in the VIP lounge for just an addition $20.00
or $40.00 or say at the most $60.00 ? I would never want a blowjob
from a stripper not even with a condom so a hand-job should
be much cheaper than what a Stripper might change for a blowjob
in the VIP area you would think right ? ...........

also do you think if a stripper would give someone a hand-job
in the VIP lounge would there be a different price for one
that just got me off and if they would let me cum on their face ?

Sorry is this post too graphic ?