Hey babes, its great to get your reply. I was a little anxious about all this since I didn’t think anyone would respond LOL it makes me feel so much better to know theres someone who also uses these sites! I guess Id better tell you a bit about me, I work fulltime and study part time so my schedule is fairly hectic at times. My partner I met on flirt buddies has used that as an excuse for our sex life to dwindle away to nothing…(LOL funny how my sexdrive increased despite being busy!) Anyway, I love working out, and the outdoors and Im just looking for someone whos similar in mindset, someone with a positive attitude and an open mind. Im a blonde with blue eyes and I wear a size 32. My bust is 32B…Im tanned as I’ve said before I love the outdoors and we have a pool so Im in the water whenever the sun’s out. Im sure that youre curious about my preferences and to get to the more juicy bits, so here goes: Im pretty much into everything, I’ve just not tried A before and Im hoping to find someone who will be gentle enough to ‘break me in’….other than that Im really into kissing and oral..so Im hoping you are too. I have a rule: if a guy doesn’t go down on me, I don’t go down on him either. If you don’t think that’s fair, its okay that just means youre not the sort of guy Im looking for. (No offense but Id rather be upfront)

I live locally, and can meet during the days, so let me know if you can host or if I should try to organize some self catering accommodation…I know a few places. Id also like for you to tell me more about what youre into, that’s it. If you like what you read (and my pics) get back to me and I’ll be happy to show you more?


Natasha x

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