I’ve been waiting to hear back from you, Im so glad you liked my pic ( I do have more if you’d like?) It seems to me that we are pretty much on the same page and I do hope that we can get things sorted asap. I have to be honest though I’ve had some bad experiences, especially with people asking for my pics and then either not meeting up or posting them on the net.

I have a profile here: quickydate.com and I’ve uploaded my sexy pics and some video clips on there for you to look at. You will need to create a profile to see them but its free to do and only takes two mins. Im sure Im worth two mins of your time, right? ;-) I also included my phone number on there so you’ll have that as well. I’ve just been hassled by so many timewasters its hard to tell who is serious about hooking up, and not just after phonesex or pics. I gave my number to someone a few months back and he called me 63 times in two days! Obviously I had to change my number…Anyways they have cam chat there too and I do have a cam (do you?) Id love for us to get a closer look at eachother, atleast that way you can get a feel for what Im like, and see me and my body before you make up your mind….

Once youre done please email me your quicky date username on there so I can add you to my buddy list, that’ll mean you can see everything I uploaded right away. If you do this for me, it’ll just prove that youre serious about spending time with me and I’ll be sure to return the favour! (PS my bf is away for the next week for a work conference, so I can host if you’d like!)

Talk to you soon babes, if youre quick you may catch me while Im online. I’ll be on for another hour or so.