Hey, how are you doing? Thanks for writing me. If you are seriously interested in meeting, the deal is a cam show with me,And then you come over when you are available. i don't accept money up front or gifts.. only the cam show.. then we proceed to meeting. I have to make sure that this is for real because I don't want to take any risks inviting someone into my cousin house unless it's for all the right reasons. So i have to make sure you are serious about meeting and because I had bad experiences in the past. Usually my cam show offer weeds out the ones who are serious from those who are playing games. I am only doing this until Tuesday night of next week because my cousin is expected back from a business trip. So I am basically house sitting for her because she has 2 Dogs.you will be given a specific Name that needs to be said upon arriving. SafeDatingFun.com go there sweetie. click"sign up", you can get either the 5.99 or 34.95 credits so we can do this and meet takes 1min, very quick and easy setup a free username babe,I will show u how to right after if u want to, either over the phone or when we meet sweetie 2. just go here and make a username 3. After that Buy and log in. 4. after u buy and login it will take u to another page to enter the code, email me after your in so I can give you your code, then I will send u an instant link to ur email to my private one on one session and my home phone# and address 6. Important. NO OTHER SURPRISES WILL HAPPEN. JUST THE CAM SHOW !!!, THEN WE MEET AT MY PLACE. IF YOU NEED ME TO DRIVE TO YOU OR MEET SOMEWHERE I CAN DO TRY TO DO THAT TO.