Before we meet we gotta talk about a few things. Not that it will change anything but do you have a wife/serious girlfriend? And I don't know if you've heard of the craigslist killer but it really scared me when I heard about it last month. Two people who met just like we are ended up in a rape/murder and I don't ever want to meet someone capable of that. So I joined this site earlier that told me they will screen guys for me so I can get their name and age so I know I'm not talking to a fake person. I know it sounds like an odd request I've heard good a good review from my friend and most importantly it checks to see if you had any physical or sexual assaults in the past five years. Please check it out here As soon as you get on my number will be on the top of the page. My username on the site is Krissy so add me too. Also do you have a car? Just in case I wanna see you in a short amount of time it'll work out and transportation won't get in the way. Oh and where exactly can you meet and what times?