Toronto Fetish Escort Miss Kenzie Taylor & Company

Location ~ New place is actually back at my conveniently located old apartment building on the Northwest corner of Jarvis & Wellesley, I also have use of a Lakeshore and York incall.... if you are feeling really kinky I can book Subspace Studios for only $50/hr and he gives great rates on extended bookings.

Parking ~ The best lot which has reasonable rates is across the street at the well known landmark, The Keg Mansion

Amenities ~ Queen sized bed, Clean sheets and towels, mouthwash, lotion, man scented body wash, small wash cloths, plenty of larger towels(sometimes things get messy), the apartment is usually immaculate or at the least clean I am rather anal about the level of cleanliness in my home but I get lazy like everyone sometimes. There is music to set the mood, ambiance if I am able to adjust the amount of lighting with candles, and I like to burn some scented oil to make it smell delicious without the smokiness of incense I also do not smoke cigarettes.

Toys & Equipment~ I recently got access to portable suspension equipment($50 to rent) that is great for bondage and especially for the leather sling that can be used to support either man or woman during play or if you are really hardcore... fisting! Strap on, harnesses(3), various dildo sizes, vibrators, Hitachi magic wand, cock rings, butt plugs, anal beads, clothespins, clamps, CBT gear, parachute, weight, cock bondage equipment, ropes, restraints, blindfolds, gags, saran wrap, floggers, crops, bamboo cane, various paddles and straps, knives, medical grade needles, enema, gloves, condoms, lube, soothers, baby bottles, collars, single tail or bull whips, I also have an excellent variety of costumes and lingerie for myself as well as feminization outfits and lingerie for men. Lacy, girly(young girl), sexy, mature, business, glamorous, ghetto, slutty, gothic, dark dominatrix, corsets, latex, stripper stilettos, regular women's heels, stockings, garters, bodysuits, pantyhose, leggings, knee/thigh high boots, leather or shiny PVC, nurse, teacher, school girl, boss, maid, or if you like just plain casual.

Kenzie Taylor

The gorgeous bombshell Kenzie Taylor needs no introduction and if you wish to know more just search on this forum to discover the refreshing world of adventure that is known as the Kenzie Taylor Experience (KTE). It is important to note her donation has changed to 400/hr and 700/2hrs.

Do not be disappointed if you do not feel comfortable with the new amount of Kenzie's donation. She is proud to present her beautiful, talented and sexy friends that have all been trained in the KTE and personally chosen for their attitude, skill and prowess. Open minded, fun, easy going, and sexual to the core this group will satisfy the desires of any and all individuals.

Please not that Kenzie has decided to offer duos with her lovely friends since she enjoys their unique bedroom skills and wants to give people the opportunity to get the full KTE at her old rate for those unable to justify the expense. So Kenzie and any of her crew are 600/hr

Donations start at 300/hr
Duos 600/for a relaxed hour


My latest addition to the crew is amazing, she provides all you could need and more. Excited to learn what the real KTE is about and eager to apprentice to Kenzie feel free to see her in a duo so you can help with show her the ropes. Smart as a whip, with a sparkle in her eye, her fiery red hair lets you know she has a way of making things explosive. Do you want a friendly affectionate experience with a little bit of bad ass attitude. A hungry restless submissive always asking for more or an eager feisty domme. Eve can easily switch back and forth to be whatever you need of her. Don't forget our little firecracker is alternative and so expect cool tattoos and a femme, modern haircut. She provides all premium services such as CIM, and Greek but please note that it is YMMV and an extra tip($) is expected up to an extra 100.


Maria is now eight months along, and with that much more of an overbearingly sexual hunger that needs constant satisfaction. Her natural 36DD's have taken on a much larger role for the nurturing of a sensual sweet motherhood. This is a special kink that may only come up once in a lifetime. Make it with Maria before it is too late. Her specialties are the acts she loves such as bare-back-blow-jobs, and feeling the hot release of your juices enter her much deserving mouth. Experience this unique fantasy yourself in order to truly appreciate the ripened body of a woman who is carrying, and all the sweet sensations that come along with it. She has also learned to SQUIRT!! Please not that Maria he does provide CIM, SW, but not Greek, those services are YMMV and she may ask for an extra tip($) at her discretion.


Our sexy, fit and fabulous female MILF with long curly brown hair and eyes, and beautifully plump man made DD's. Hot, vivacious, ferocious, and exciting. Bella's contrasting dynamic will either leave the whole of your body feeling utter ecstasy, or on your knees, in front of her, with the crack of her whip leaving you feeling powerless and unable to do anything but obey. No feet are better to be beneath than the glorious soles of Bella. A visionary in the art of seduction, Bella epitomizes the ever elusive, and always desirable, hot cougar. All metaphors aside, Bella demonstrates the class of a true lady. She is humble and reserved, all while maintaining elegance, respect, and maturity, yet, behind closed doors she is capable of taking on the role of your wildest dream woman, and she does so with the utmost finesse and refinement. If you have a taste for the more submissive side she will happily succumb to your wishes and loves aggressive romp or OKT spanking. Bella experience is vast and was lucky enough to be chosen by one of London, England's oldest dominatrix's for training and eventual replacement. Lucky for us she love Toronto and has made it the place to settle down.


Is my top male provider and the one I participate in condom free full service. He is a switch but mostly dominant top, who is able to out-perform most men when it comes to stamina, recuperation and hardness. He can do a full release and continue going the same as before and without stopping release again. Lean, flexible and fit he used to be a professional dancer and has the body and athletic ability to prove it. Long curly brown locks with friendly brown eyes and a big toothy grin standing at 5"9 and weighing 155lbs he is pure hard sexiness. He is available to see alone or in a duo for MMF or MFM, cuckold or forced bi scenes. He is a one of a kind stud and you will never be disappointed with his ability to perform or skill. Kenzie does provide creampies with Alex and yes you may clean up afterwards.


The beautiful transgendered Tara, a fresh addition to the Kenzie crew, she is a sizzling hot 5" 11' blonde queen. Tara enjoys being shown off on a night out in the town, but is also open to the sensual, romantic atmosphere of a special room for just the two of you. She is fun, flirtatious, and loves to put on the perfect outfit to make your eyes boggle out of their sockets. Her easy-going, stress-free demeanor allows for a comfortable experience that is sure to leave you completely satisfied. Tara's whimsical nature is sure to impress. She leads with a sense of confidence and playfulness that will leave you wondering if you had just woken up from a dream. Please not she is mostly a bottom and non functioning but can be a lot of fun in a duo or alone.


Tyrone is our very own hung-like-a-horse-can't-get-enough-hard-fucking-black-stud. Open-minded to almost all, he is sure to add the sexy spiciness that you so deeply crave in your life, but one question remains: Do you think you can handle it? A mean 9.5 inches of thick fat cock, uncircumcised, just the way God intended it. Now, have it the way you intend it. Tyrone is an versatile, cool, calm, collected individual with the plowing stamina of the Energizer bunny on 16 cups of Joe. He can also take whatever is given to him and will obediently submit to a beaten. Standing at 5"10, and pure muscle he is the kind of stud a cuckold wishes he could watch give his wife the pleasure she needs and deserves.


The dominant master Lance. His wit and youthfulness create an alluring charm that dazzles and entices you to blindly follow his command, no matter how cruel. Lance is the perfect master for beginners, as he is receptive, a good communicator, yet stern and decisive. Lance is available for "forced bi" sessions with any of our amazing crew.