Welcome Baby. How was your day?

I'm here to make it better. I'm here to whisper sweet - nothings and run my fingers through your hair. Maybe you're going bald, or going gray, that's okay. You can be yourself around me. I'm here to soothe your desires with no strings attached, no judgments inflicted, no rucus and riff-raff.

I respect your time and I know it is hard to come by; Or maybe it's not, either way i am grateful you decided to spend it with me. You've worked hard to get where you're at, and now its time to kick your shoes off and relax, with the sexy woman of your fantasies. I'll coax you into my web of alluring erotic art, creating a moment that will not soon be forgot.

I will be there soon, not a second late. I'm as excited as you, if not more. Essence fills the room and glamour turns into reality for as long as you want. My engine is on and I'm here to make sure you feel appreciated, to make sure you are satisfied, for this moment, I am yours... you are mine.

Now let's take a Wild Ride!
XoXo Mya Michelle oXoX
VipMyaMichelle . com
@MyMyaMichelle (twitter)