Having spent plenty of time in several "standard" AMP's, complete with their mediocre, generally older, unattractive and uninspired providers, it was certainly nice to step up to an actual FBSM provider who enjoys her work and makes you feel comfortable. The entire experience was easy and stressless. There were certainly no misconceptions about what was offered or expected -- which I suspect is a reflection of the price for the service (as compared to an AMP). Here is a woman who knows her way around a man's body and can read the non-verbal physical responses -- all leading to an intimate and sensual end. As she stated during the session, once you go to a provider like her, it becomes addicting. She's spot on accurate, and spoiled me for going back to the musty and dirty AMP's. Treat her with respect and a friendly attitude, and she'll give in return -- but being clear this is not a FS provider.