Wow. Been having some serious bad luck with providers lately. Last time the bitch flaked on me. This time, the service provided by the provider was, well, not great. After some getting lost, I finally arrived at the location (some sleazy motel right off the freeway). Got to the room, knocked and she opened the door. When I got in, there was another provider. That put me off already. She said the other provider will wait in the restroom. So, we sat on the bed, and she asked how long. I said an hour and dropped my donation. After that, we both got down in action. Not even 5 minutes into it, she goes "are you ready to finish?" I'm like "Really? You're that rushed?" I said no, and we continued. Another few minutes later, she asks again. At that point, I almost wanted to just leave. But though, after the drive and dropping the donation, might as well finish it. I just had her finish with a CBJ. After she finished, I just put my clothes on, we hugged (don't even know why), then I left. I'm seriously debating quitting this hobby all together. Providers being rush and not providing at least decent service really blows.