I've been doing for this for some time now, and in that time I've met some amazing ladies. Each and everyone was an experience which I will never forget and I am truly grateful that I got to share some time with them. Boy oh boy, I am still at a loss for words about how to explain this one. Ill try my best so excuse me if I miss a few things, I am still somewhat new to this. I had a great time with her. This is not the first time Iíve seen her and this time was even better. Walking behind her watching that ass of hers sway back and forth in her thong and bra combo was awesome, and even better when everything was off. Her lipstick and sexy looking face bear a passing resemblance to my boss' young attractive wife. Afterwards we lay and chatted until time was up. Hereís the story for you, purely subjective and my opinion only. Those of you who have been around know that I have reviewed this lovely once before but I thought it was worth updating my review. I visited her again yesterday, and it was another excellent experience. Great conversation, genuine concern that I enjoy the session, and perfect technique. If every massage therapist I met were like this I'd have gone broke a long time ago. She is not shy per se, just a little tentative until you could ease her into speaking freely. Boy was I glad I took the plunge. Hot body, service was good. 970-296-5449 ... more >