Looked fantastic in panties combined with a tight top. She is easy going with a sharp wit, very funny and sexy all in an understated but confident manner. Not sure if this is the kind of review you are expecting though, as I like to write how I feel rather than just what happened. My time spent with her was very much similar to that with an acquaintance. She comes across as a really cool (as in hip, not cold) lady with a genuine attitude. By the time I left, I thought she was beautiful, with an expressive face - and as the other review noted, gorgeous natural breasts. For those into details on looks, nice stomach, very nice legs, not too skinny, but toned and shapely, nice shapely butt, and an absolutely beautiful smile. She greeted me with a nice hug and she came across as very affectionate and touchy feely which I like, felt much like meeting a DDG lady. The location was upscale and her room was very nice and tidy. I was going nuts looking at pictures of her and finally I had to take the plunge last night, a delightful night for driving. Easy and obliging to move around for various forms of fun. Lovely smile and very eager lips. I've been looking for a replacement for my regular and came across this one, she seemed nice on the phone and the photos were sexy. Her place is simply beautiful from the moment you walk into the lobby to the moment you step into the door. I ended up driving to a variety store after the session cause I badly needed a cold drink. More importantly, her attitude is great which is why I would repeat. Her lipstick and sexy looking face bear a passing resemblance to my boss' young attractive wife. 985-465-5289 ... more >