She opens the door with a big smile, and she is very pretty! Booking was easy, the incall location was good to go, and she was amazing. Gorgeous and just an adorable package. I was actually taken aback when I saw her.... what a cutie. Rating? is there a chart high enough to fit this rating? I gave her a call for the appointment at noon. I know you know it already, but I'll just repeat it. I spent a wonderful evening at her place, and gentlemen, it was a time to remember! She is beautiful, warm, and friendly, and full of interesting and intelligent conversation. Parked my car in the back and entered through the front door. It was just one of those session where everything was clicking. So rare for me on a first encounter. One thing I love about this is the potential for variety. The next hour was off the charts! Highly energetic, just got really into each other. It's always good to play guessing games in your head as to how a massage therapist would look facially before you meet her. I entered the room and standing behind the door was this extremely cute girl with a flawless body, in a lingerie set. Facially, I thought that she was definitely somewhere in between the spectrum spanning GND and DDG, with very fine features and mesmerizing eyes. Her eyes generate loveliness, and she has a great genuine smile that she offers up freely through the session. I ended up driving to a variety store after the session cause I badly needed a cold drink. 980-616-1164 ... more >