Met with this wild one last week and it was an awesome experience. She was very responsive and polite in her texts. I had a slight delay coming into town and contacted her about that, and she was very, very easygoing about the whole thing. My session began with her greeting me in the hot lingerie she is now wearing in the new picture of her ad. That picture does nothing for her as she looked so much hotter in person! Small chit chat about the weather and then asked how I like my massage. I told her that I was going to say that she looked like a certain actress in my review and she said she gets that a lot. I don't know whether she has a no review policy but I have to say that she's hot. She's hot as in if you saw her on the street, you might just do a 180 just to get a better look, but amazingly she's also the kind of girl you'd bring home to meet your mom, and your mom would fall in love with her. We were giggling all the way. Overall, real nice girl, pretty, sweet and accommodating, a very positive experience. Maybe I benefited a bit from a very passionate vixen...lucky me! Had a chance to see her recently for an hour, and it was definitely worth it. I have this thing for that girl next door look. When she opened the door all I could think was "jackpot!" The phone service and directions were professional. She was just as hot as her pictures, and she looked great! 954-694-5771 ... more >