She has a great personality and for some reason we had a pretty good connection. She is a hot girl without a doubt but I can say that her service is even better. I could see that you guys would just LOVE her, she has the personality of a goddess and is a great listener and conversationalist. She has nice hair and sexy eyes. I drop everything to see her whenever I'm in town. Her boobs are awesome, nice and firm, they really should be more highlighted in the photos! Gentlemen, she is amazing and the session was beyond anything I anticipated and/or hoped for. I am providing a more detailed review for those who are interested in knowing how the session unfolded and what you may expect if you visit her. Additionally, in writing, I get to relive what was the very best experience I have had with a massage therapist. I took the hour and was glad that I did. The session turned out longer than intended but I have to say that she is absolutely gorgeous, imho, has a great sense of humour, is relaxing, fun to be with, is a total sweetheart and to top it off provides GREAT service. I will definitely see her again in the future, maybe next week. Everything was great - she was a little shy (I get the impression she's new to this but was open to working together) but after we got started, she was simply wonderful. I let her take the lead. I was very passive and she showed some new to me massage tricks as a result. 949-696-4328 ... more >