She is truly a gem. Throughout the entire session she was smiling and bouncing around. She is very relaxed and easy to be with. To quickly sum her up, I had a good time, she's eager to please. Her rate is too low for a lady of her quality IMO. With that kind of pampering of the sensual way she give herself, of the wide range of things she does. I was left with a satisfying relaxation which I haven't experienced in a while. There was some great small talk and a very nice massage. She is very friendly and talkative. Overall, real nice girl, pretty, sweet and accommodating, a very positive experience. Called up knocked on door and she opened it. First impression was wow is she cute. Wearing her sexy massage therapist uniform I was like damn I've scored. I told her the weekend is coming so be prepared for a longer engagement! I can't say who she looks like, I'm not good at that....but there was a moment near the end when were in her room together and I swear her profile looked like that Penthouse pet of the month. Maybe I was just delirious at that point. I don't like to review girls, because I usually see someone based on a recent review, so if it's good it's already been said. I make rare exceptions for special girls and she is one very special girl. 860-780-7608 ... more >