In terms of appearance I found her to be slimmer than her photos. She is gorgeous, young looking, her pictures aren't altered at all - she looks exactly like her pictures... pure heaven! The session cemented ATF status for me, and it took me several minutes to recover enough to get up to the bathroom after the conclusion. Her lipstick and sexy looking face bear a passing resemblance to my boss' young attractive wife. This was my first time with her and not my last. She is very beautiful in a genuine kind of way, like the pretty girl next door that you dream about. To top if off, she has a great body with a superb bum. She deserves to be treated well and I hope I did so. This girl aims to please, and makes you feel special right when you walk in the door, and all the way until you walk out that door. The whole experience was great. I enjoyed her company very much. She laughed a lot at my jokes. She walked into the room right on time and then and there I knew there were going to be many more visits. WOW is she stunning and sensual in person. I mean her pictures are striking, but I have experienced so many first meetings that so often comes with a tiny bit of let down when compared to photos and online personalities. But not with this one Ė nothing but OMG went through my head. Online pics are accurate although really donít do her justice. Loved her lightly scented bust and the elegant nape of her neck. Nice tummy, absolutely perfectly shaped bum Ė firm, yet plush with just the right amount of perceptible bounce when she saunters casually around. I got one of her great massages! Those are to die for. 850-966-8151 ... more >