She has a fantastic body with nice breasts and perky nipples. I love that! Great ass too!! Not sure if this is the kind of review you are expecting though, as I like to write how I feel rather than just what happened. My time spent with her was very much similar to that with an acquaintance. She comes across as a really cool (as in hip, not cold) lady with a genuine attitude. She is athletic, cute as hell and very sexy. She has soft hair and a terrific smile. Her bottom is easily one of the finest, roundest, most squeezable bums anywhere! She has nice hair and sexy eyes. I saw her and just had to write down this review as soon as I came back. Such a kissable pair of lips.. and her ass was to die for. I had the pleasure of seeing her this week after having my eye on her for awhile. Schedules finally aligned although had to opt for a shorter session. I had some business to attend to so I decided to book her and make it a dual purpose trip. She is not shy per se, just a little tentative until you could ease her into speaking freely. Finally gotten around to contributing to this site. Have seen several massage therapists over the last couple weeks and will be posting what I think might be useful to my fellow board members. She is a gorgeous lady and went out of her way to make me happy. She makes you feel like a long awaited boyfriend as soon as you walk in the door and that continues on throughout. 848-277-1565 ... more >