Photos on this site are accurate. She is a sexy looking massage therapist with a bit of a party girl vibe/style. Attractive looking lady. Hair to about the shoulder. A bit of a party girl look to her. We decided on a 30 minute date. I was super pumped, her photos were incredible, and the few reviews I had read were glowing. But my bad habit of more research kept creeping up in the back of my head. Here on this board she has only 2 reviews, that really isn't enough for me. So I reached out to my fellow board members and the bro action was strong! Thanks guys for helping a bro out! The word of mouth just sang of a young woman who was enthusiastic, warm, and willing to please. This was so reassuring, so much so that I ended up realizing that 30 min might not be enough time to really connect with this girl. Parked my car in the back and entered through the front door. We got to know each other well. I was her first customer for the day so she was fresh and ready to go. I like to make sure she enjoys the session too. She’s hot and sexy and delivers in spades. A true GND with that great combination of skill and passion. Service: Very good...lots of energy. The appointment was set up with text and she was easy to get a hold of. Beautiful face, sweet lips, great walk and eye contact while talking to me which I love. Her tummy and bum are as cute as ever and looks like she keeps fit by jogging. I was very impressed with her looks - her photos don't do her justice and she was wearing a very tempting skirt and push up bra. 843-845-9914 ... more >