I'll be the first to admit, I have not written a review in a LONG time. Have become more of a lurker on here and that's only because I make appointments to see girls who are already very well reviewed on this board from trust members and there would really be no point in me posting yet another review repeating what many have already said in their threads. I have been seeing this little beauty a few times now. I am always too lazy to write up reviews (which is kind of wrong) since a lot of you guys have been great on here with your recommendations. This was my first time with her and not my last. She is one of the nicest massage therapists I've met, she is just a darling. This seems like a girl who just loves what she does. I'm sure it's a YMMV thing, but she definitely seemed to enjoy the conversational part of our visit together and seemed to get super-duper excited. She kinda reminded me of some of the college girls I went to school with. Such a kissable pair of lips.. and her ass was to die for. There is something to say when a woman starts small talk to get acquainted with you. There is no better feeling. No rush as I was stimulated both by her hands and her mind. She is a very passionate and if you have chemistry you'll have a great time with her. I contacted her by text and she was pretty quick to reply. She is about my height with heels on, in bare feet maybe couple inch shorter. 405-294-6591 ... more >