I had an amazing time with her myself, and agree with what was said about her body, and would add that I think she has one of the prettiest faces I've seen recently as well. Just got home from seeing her, and thought I'd write a review. It was exquisite and relaxing at the same time. The sensations were really indescribable and I felt totally satisfied at the conclusion. She was amazing. I would repeat as long as many times as I could. What a home run! She kindly told me that I worked so hard that I deserved to take a break. No complaints to note whatsoever. Would recommend, and will repeat. Was surprised today when I saw her ad on here and was able to make an appointment without difficulty. I saw her and just had to write down this review as soon as I came back. There was no clock watching - I was over when I told her that it was time I left.. she never brought it up. She is totally relaxed and no attitude, makes you feel like you have known her for a while which is great. Those of you who have been around know that I have reviewed this lovely once before but I thought it was worth updating my review. Who am I to argue. 404-390-0168 ... more >