She is wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door. She is very welcoming and makes you feel right at home. Thought I should share a review of one of the best massage therapists I ever visited. You guys should be lining up to see this girl while she is here and watch carefully for her! If you like feminine bodies on women with beautiful, soft skin and a gorgeous face, massage providers who operate without overcharging or being too into themselves, she is the girl for you. She deserves a good recommendation, but please don't wear her out, fellow board members. I asked if she was available immediately the response was an hour's notice which didn't work for my schedule. People were asking about this hot one, I have to say, very well worth it. Very pretty face and great attitude. Wish I could give a 'she looks like...' comparison, but for the life of me I couldn't think of anyone famous that she looks like. The closest I could get was a very hot student I knew in college when I was younger and I wished I could have played with. She walked into the room right on time and then and there I knew there were going to be many more visits. WOW is she stunning and sensual in person. I mean her pictures are striking, but I have experienced so many first meetings that so often comes with a tiny bit of let down when compared to photos and online personalities. But not with this one nothing but OMG went through my head. I'm glad I met this little temptress. I will not go into detail as there are several reviews of her. We made some small talk, and I found her to be very easy to converse with - absolutely no attitude issues. The best part is that you actually feel comfortable around her. She is beautiful, has a spectacular body and incredibly soft smooth skin. All I can say is I was very happy with her and she has all the potentials to become a star. 773-780-2541 ... more >