It was in the afternoon, just finished having some all-you-can-eat Sushi. Girl is truly a gem. I am hesitant posting a positive review as she is my hidden secret. But if you want a genuine experience look no further. Especially when you spend a bit more time with her. Someone mentioned in the other review, think of her as the office girl that you lusted after. That's her. Now think of her as your girlfriend that you haven't seen in three months. That's the experience. I think overall this session was by far the best of my short experience. She absolutely rocked my world on this night and I know it helps that I just dig her. She's a terrific girl and if you be nice and treat her well look out because the reward will leave you breathless (YMMV of course). Seems to enjoy her work, which is always a plus. Very pretty face, voice to match and service with smile and aim to please. She has the potential of being the best if she keeps this up - outclassing the rest. Yes this gal is some of the best performers are out there! Yes, the pictures are definitely accurate. She is a lovely girl kind of model-like features. She reminds me of the college gals that I used to hang out with back in the day, when wed go to the pub drinking or playing pool, or going out to see the movies. The pics are quite accurate yet do not fully portray just how sexy she is in person. She has a fantastic body with nice breasts and perky nipples. I love that! Great ass too!! Definitely a repeat, as the massage was pretty hot, and her body is fantastic! She greeted me at the door in that dress in her ad. Just saw her a few days ago. 772-801-2270 ... more >