Here’s the story for you, purely subjective and my opinion only. She reminded my of the sexy tanned chicks who you would find in clubs. The view was gorgeous and she was amazing and very nice. Was my last review perhaps too graphic? When I arrived she gave me a warm welcome right off the bat. Any awkward feeling you might get when you walk through the door was gone instantly. The chemistry was off the charts and I'm sure glad she wasn't the first lady I saw or my standards would be higher than they already are. I've been walking around all weekend thinking about how much fun I had with her. You might be able to find a girl who's as much fun as her but I'll doubt you'll find one who's more fun. This board lately has had a stellar line-up of incredible ladies and I was definitely not disappointed. I'm glad I finally had a chance to see her, she is a nice sweet girl, not a clock watcher and is eager to please. I saw her a few weeks ago before she had any pictures or reviews posted. In between we chatted about lives and careers etc. After we chatted she saw that I was ready and quickly decided that she wanted a closer look. Her confidence and sensuality is off the charts. We went back and forth and she was really great, with a great attitude and answered all my questions. 772-300-6817 ... more >