Pics are of her, and I would say are 100 percent accurate. May be shy at times but let her know what you like and want, she's very kind and willing to accommodate. Her pictures on the website are definitely accurate. She was wearing this very sexy dress that made my jaw drop. To be honest I was little nervous because I thought she was so damn beautiful when I saw her. Went to see her for my birthday; it was a night full off pleasure. Set up was fairly easy. We had been texting back and forth over the last few nights, so we already had a good rapport. She was amazing. I would repeat as long as many times as I could. What a home run! When I first got to the door she was warm but there was no hug or kiss, which had me a bit worried. I was very wrong. I noticed that the website was down but she still had an ad on here. I decided to call the place. If you are like me and want a super cute girl to remind you of your glory days then I 100% recommend her. I was going nuts looking at pictures of her and finally I had to take the plunge last night, a delightful night for driving. She has an absolutely beautiful face and a perfect body. Honestly, she's my favourite right now and barring falling in love with her (which I may have already a bit), I would definitely repeat. I took a shower and came back to the room, she asked if I'd like a massage. 770-966-4430 ... more >