I took a shower and came back to the room, she asked if I'd like a massage. In terms of appearance I found her to be slimmer than her photos. Location is upscale. If you are driving make allowances for traffic due to construction in the area. The usual services were offered and I was certainly treated to them. She kindly told me that I worked so hard that I deserved to take a break. I could've stayed all night. In short, one of the most incredible, spontaneous, explosive sessions I've had. Knows how to take the lead and let you enjoy the session. I had the pleasure of seeing her this week after having my eye on her for awhile. Schedules finally aligned although had to opt for a shorter session. Don't know why I waited so long but glad I finally saw her. Pics are very accurate, pretty face, perky tits, round ass, and sexy waist. Enthusiastic and sensual service. Overall I was quite satisfied with my session. This lady seems to genuinely be concerned with making sure you enjoy yourself and goes the extra mile to make it happen. On top of that, the conversation was effortless and she has a real charm about her that I could see getting very addictive. I really know how to spot a real talent. Not only was she great she is absolutely awesome personality wise, a great classy companion indeed. When we retreated she performed some more poses for me until I could not resist anymore. 765-276-6106 ... more >