Sunday night, after a long day at the office, called to book her for 45min session. She is totally relaxed and no attitude, makes you feel like you have known her for a while which is great. I saw her recently at her new location across town. Wow! For those of you who really enjoy spending time in a nicely decorated and superbly clean place, you will be readily impressed. She was very friendly right away. I figured with a new girl I should take the plunge. Boy was I glad I did. Last week I was lucky enough to see her. Girl is great!! she's a definite repeat. If you haven't had the pleasure, you should give her a try. She gives the best massage in the business hands down, her touch is amazing. She starts massaging me with lotion. Shoulder first, then arms, abs, and thighs. I know you know it already, but I'll just repeat it. The whole time she kept saying and asking if I liked it and if I wanted more and that sort of conversational exchange between the two of us was sort of really exciting. After the shower and we got down to some serious business, however, any doubt I had that the session wasn't going to go very well quickly evaporated. 929-324-1257 ... more >