Even though there were other options, I took my chances. She is not shy per se, just a little tentative until you could ease her into speaking freely. Very pretty face, voice to match and service with smile and aim to please. She has the potential of being the best if she keeps this up - outclassing the rest. Yes this gal is some of the best performers are out there! Girl is great!! she's a definite repeat. If you haven't had the pleasure, you should give her a try. I saw this beautiful lady and I was about to write a review, but I was taken away and was held hostage by a nymph for a few days and no time for this board, so here we go. Even though there were other options, I took my chances. She's very friendly and I was at ease right off the bat. She is very nice to look at, pretty face, toned figure; great overall package IMO. Repeat? There is no doubt that I will be repeating again and again. She is a true gem. Treat her right gentleman and you will not regret it. This seems like a girl who just loves what she does. I just had to be with her. Had a bit of small talk/tease (just the way she talks to you is so sensual). She deserves a good recommendation, but please don't wear her out, fellow board members. She has a cute face, wears make up around her eyes, dyed straight hair down to her shoulders. 678-368-6485 ... more >