Despite my intense urges about meeting her, we started with just sitting and talking which I really loved it put me quite at ease. She really knew how to connect with me. I honestly felt like I was sitting in my living room with my girlfriend (OK my imaginary girlfriend). I would have been content to fill the whole hour like this. Met her for one hour in the evening, easy place to find, parking across the street. If you, like me, are most interested in the overall experience, with a friendly, attractive young woman with that 'lets have some fun' attitude then you must give her a try. A definite repeat. She gets it. She knows how to drive a guy wild and she knows how to please. The view from behind is simply outlandish! I know this may sound like a shill review. It is not. I think she provides an outstanding and different type of experience. It was in the afternoon, just finished having some all-you-can-eat Sushi. I was not disappointed when she peeked around the door dressed in sexy flattering attire. A really nice, engaging lady who likes to be touched, gently teased and who is willing to please any way she can. All in all another great time with a beautiful lady. We chatted a bit, and she was great to talk to. Her eyes generate loveliness, and she has a great genuine smile that she offers up freely through the session. I had a brain cramp and struggled to find the location despite having been in the area before .. duh ! Anyway, when I finally made my way up there stood a very pretty girl with a beautiful smile. Facially she is more then GND pretty IMO. Has beautiful eyes to boot. Hot is an accurate description and usually really MCOT. That said, beauty comes in many forms and conversation was so easy it was like meeting an old friend. 646-585-8352 ... more >