After drooling over her shots for well over 2 weeks the stars and our schedules finally aligned and I was able to book her for an hour visit. She genuinely looks and sounds like she is into what she does. Pics and stats are accurate - she's a very pretty lady with sweet disposition and soft smile. In terms of appearance I found her to be slimmer than her photos. Her lipstick and sexy looking face bear a passing resemblance to my boss' young attractive wife. For those in the area, I definitely recommend. Its a great incall location. Very upscale. Girl is truly a gem. I am hesitant posting a positive review as she is my hidden secret. But if you want a genuine experience look no further. Especially when you spend a bit more time with her. Someone mentioned in the other review, think of her as the office girl that you lusted after. That's her. Now think of her as your girlfriend that you haven't seen in three months. That's the experience. A couple of things going for this lady: definitely her looks, sexy and sweet. I am in an area where we don't have nearly enough massage therapists out here. Having never seen her before I had no idea what I was in store for. What I got was a gorgeous young lady that was full of energy and came armed with a fantastic sense of humour. Within mere seconds I had this girl laughing and the fun experience for both of us never stopped. It was very important to me to find someone sweet who would not treat me like a number.. make me feel special. Can't believe I waited this long to see her seeing I live in the same part of town, what was wrong with me!?!? 638-514-4759 ... more >