If you read this, thanks again for a fabulous afternoon! I spent a wonderful evening at her place, and gentlemen, it was a time to remember! She is beautiful, warm, and friendly, and full of interesting and intelligent conversation. She is one of the nicest massage therapists I've met, she is just a darling. These days I play super safe. She was cool with all my requests. I'm sure most if not all girls prefer that themselves. She kinda reminded me of some of the college girls I went to school with. I got one of her great massages! Those are to die for. It's the different atmosphere which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. We did some small chit chat then it was off of the shower. After I was done showering, she was waiting for me in her sexy lingerie. What can I say that hasn't been said? She's quite attractive, how attractive you ask? Well, my gaze was drawn to a pair of sexy legs walking down the hall, her hair over her neck and graceful shoulders, maybe she felt my stare because she looked back with a wicked smile. She starts massaging me with lotion. Shoulder first, then arms, abs, and thighs. Great conversation, genuine concern that I enjoy the session, and perfect technique. If every massage therapist I met were like this I'd have gone broke a long time ago. 279-234-8662 ... more >