Saw her few days ago. It was a last minute decision which is usually the way it has to be with me. Loved those natural pear shaped slightly pendulous breasts. She is truly a gem. She is a lovely woman who is very engaging, smart, easy to talk to, and fantastic at what she does. She is quite pretty with great nice tight toned body, nice size boobs, real nice ass and very cute. Cute girl, lovely figure, velvet skin, warm personality and great service. Sunday night, after a long day at the office, called to book her for 45min session. Pics are of her, and I would say are 100 percent accurate. However, I am not a typical demographic on this board as I would say Im a little older than the average Joe. I know that makes no sense but like I said my brain was not on level ground. I was sort of in brain ecstasy for a few hours after the session. She reminded my of the sexy tanned chicks who you would find in clubs. Got to the location a few minutes early. Texted to let her know I was there. Near the scheduled time, I get the call with the info. 267-831-0761 ... more >