She has a great personality and for some reason we had a pretty good connection. Went to her place evening time, it felt very sexy. All I can say is WOW: she looks hot. She has long legs and a great booty, not too big but just the right size. She was done up in a sexy skirt with pantihose and a sexy bra poking out from beneath her tank top. Her makeup was attractive and her face is beautiful. For me this girl falls into a special category. She comes off as little shy but but I believe she's just being coy. Indeed she is very young looking. She is the one who will make your head turn, whether you like it or not. Her tummy and bum are as cute as ever and looks like she keeps fit by jogging. I ended up driving to a variety store after the session cause I badly needed a cold drink. Small chit chat about the weather and then asked how I like my massage. She is one of the nicest massage therapists I've met, she is just a darling. There was some great small talk and a very nice massage. I hopped in the shower and hurried back (because I felt really cold after I got out of the shower), where she was waiting. 251-235-3453 ... more >