Personality is really friendly and chatty. I could've stayed all night. In short, one of the most incredible, spontaneous, explosive sessions I've had. Knows how to take the lead and let you enjoy the session. This girl aims to please, and makes you feel special right when you walk in the door, and all the way until you walk out that door. In any case, came in, told her I was going to grab a quick shower. I saw her yesterday and would go so far as to say that she has one of the most beautiful faces among all the massage therapists I've seen. The location was up-scale, and she had some nice lingerie on when I arrived. She has a cute face, wears make up around her eyes, dyed straight hair down to her shoulders. The fantasy for me is the innocence and charm she displays but she is one very passionate lady. She is a real treat! I hope to improve my writing skills as I go along LOL. I visited her again yesterday, and it was another excellent experience. I'm a sucker for her type so despite the lack of pictures I took a chance and I'm glad I did. Just got home from seeing her, and thought I'd write a review. 786-724-2848 ... more >