She is a very pretty. I imagined a certain outfit and she answered the door in something similar - very nice. Only saw her twice but I remember her beautiful face to this day. She has long legs and a great booty, not too big but just the right size. We decided to adjourn to the room that was clean, nicely decorated and equipped with a bed. We sat and chatted for a while about other things she's involved in. She asked a bit about me although she was careful not to pry. She is pretty as a picture with a gorgeous smile. She also is one of the nicest, sweetest ladies you will ever meet. No offense to the other ladies Iíve seen, but we seem to have a special something going on. Some idle chit chat with a lot of laughs while we were talking about my party the night before; There was some great small talk and a very nice massage. Always fun to be getting a great massage and then look up to a sexy provider! I will definitely repeat, most likely next week. Best bang for a buck for sure. Some things that really stood out were her looks, she is cute as hell, gorgeous eyes, and a genuine smile plus her attentiveness to my nervousness, she sensed that I was either new or that it had been a while, so she welcomed any questions and reassured me that I didn't have to be shy plus her personality, she is truly easy to get along with, everything felt natural and that really put me at ease. I felt totally comfortable with her like I would be with a gf, and that's saying something because it takes me a while to warm up to most people. This was as close to a Swedish massage as anyone could hope for in this business. What can I say that hasn't been said? 772-617-5730 ... more >