She deserves to be treated well and I hope I did so. Repeat - in a heartbeat. Thank you for a wonderful time. I look forward to seeing you again soon. The next hour was off the charts! Highly energetic, just got really into each other. Very cool chick as well! For full disclosure purposes, I love woman with her looks. She is confident and knows how to show off her body in sensual ways. I swear I just wanted to bite that ass all night just my perfect size. I have seen quite a few massage providers in my day but she is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful ladies that I have met since I started massage seeking. She is at least a 9 on my personal Richter scale, and next time I hope to take the full cruise and I have the feeling that it could well be a chart topping earth moving 10! The session cemented ATF status for me, and it took me several minutes to recover enough to get up to the bathroom after the conclusion. I will definitely repeat. The girl is incredible. I usually give so much more detail in a review but it feels like I'm reviewing a friend and I don't feel comfortable going into the details. Since I think went a bit overtime, she was patient so I gave a nice tip. 919-925-3861 ... more >