I've seen my fair share of ladies and I'd say she is up there. Although she has the look of one of those club girls, she is very classy and sociable. She is drop dead gorgeous and I wouldn't say her menu is limited. Maybe I benefited a bit from a very passionate vixen...lucky me! Finally gotten around to contributing to this site. Have seen several massage therapists over the last couple weeks and will be posting what I think might be useful to my fellow board members. Donít know if at my age my heart can take all of this action so I might stick to massages but she was definitely worth the visit. Her boobs are awesome, nice and firm, they really should be more highlighted in the photos! When I first saw her I was like DAMN what a hot bombshell! She is beautifully curvy in the right places with really nice naturals. I was sold at the door as I peaked behind to take in her gorgeous face. This girl is cheerful, charming, and can stroke your ego. I sat on the bed and she asked what I was looking for and I replied a good massage. I'm glad I met this little temptress. Throughout the entire session she was smiling and bouncing around. I arrived, got in knocked on the door and a beautiful girl opens the door. I can see why somebody would describe her as looking like that hot girl on TV. 918-609-2170 ... more >