Amenities were impeccable. Genuinely nice, very friendly girl with a great attitude and service. Definite repeat (and have, actually). I've been wanting to meet up with her for a while. I get to the location and when she opened the door, I see this very pretty lady with bra and panties waiting for me. I checked this web site, and there is this new girl. She mentioned plans to take a bit of time off next week, but has always responded quickly to my texts. She's apparently a very popular massage therapist (all the boys seem to be talking about how much they love her). The 2 things that really stood out was 1) fantastic body! 2) fabulous service. She has amazing curves, a toned physique, and very soft skin. I cannot issue a grade on this experience because it would only be one of those boring 10's across the board scoring. I can hardly wait for my next trip to town so I can repeat with this beautiful and sensual lady. She may be young but she is as good as all the pros in this business. You know, there are good looking girls, and then there are hot looking girls? You guys are lucky I don't often repeat and I'm thinking of taking a hiatus from this. Otherwise I would keep her to myself LOL. Sometimes these girls come and go so quick that it's a shame when you miss out. Don't walk. Run to see this one. You won't be disappointed. 828-461-9450 ... more >