I think it would only be fair to chime in and give in my two cents since I have been benefiting from all of your two cents and reviews very much. I decided to book her since she was in my area and took advantage of the special. Facially I found her attractive, I would say she is well above average. All in all another great time with a beautiful lady. As I was getting ready to get up, she pulled me close to snuggle and encouraged me to explore her body some more. Yes, the pictures are definitely accurate. She is a lovely girl kind of model-like features. After the massage we talked about her hometown and her conversation skills are also great. She is by far the hottest girl I have ever seen, and I have seen upwards of 300+ ladies. She fits right in with girls in fashion magazines. Perfect body and smooth skin. Face of an angel. Cute smile and an innocent look. This girl is how I would define my definition of a perfect woman's body. May be shy at times but let her know what you like and want, she's very kind and willing to accommodate. Loved those natural pear shaped slightly pendulous breasts. I had a brain cramp and struggled to find the location despite having been in the area before .. duh ! Anyway, when I finally made my way up there stood a very pretty girl with a beautiful smile. Facially she is more then GND pretty IMO. Has beautiful eyes to boot. Hot is an accurate description and usually really MCOT. That said, beauty comes in many forms and conversation was so easy it was like meeting an old friend. She has a great personality and for some reason we had a pretty good connection. 816-419-2897 ... more >