She always makes me feel like a king. I asked to use the bathroom because I was sweaty from the walk and she said sure. Maybe it was the chemistry, maybe it was the great location, the really cozy room or maybe it was something else but I just connected with this lady and the entire experience was simply awesome. I am ready to report on my most recent romantic interlude. I forgot how talented, pampering and friendly she can be when you are in a session with her! She was really nice, down to earth and provided good service so I was a happy camper. I know you know it already, but I'll just repeat it. She is nice looking - really reminds you of that babysitter you dreamed of. No complaints to note whatsoever. Would recommend, and will repeat. I donít rank by numbers but she has been added to that small list of mine and I will absolutely be repeating. I'm not going to do the number ratings. She's perfect. I have been intrigued by her since I saw her on this website. 813-755-9977 ... more >