Maybe she clicked with me / YMMV thing? I told her that I was going to say that she looked like a certain actress in my review and she said she gets that a lot. Had a chance to see her recently for an hour, and it was definitely worth it. I have this thing for that girl next door look. When she opened the door all I could think was "jackpot!" I will definitely see her again in the future, maybe next week. I donít rank by numbers but she has been added to that small list of mine and I will absolutely be repeating. She is great to talk with, and was overall a joy to be with. You guys complained about her having no reviews, so here I am - hoping that this doesn't create so much demand that I can't get back in to see her! But please treat her well. She is sweet, and unspoiled, so please do treat her right. I'd say her advertised age is correct and an accurate list of services is offered. No complaints to note whatsoever. Would recommend, and will repeat. This board lately has had a stellar line-up of incredible ladies and I was definitely not disappointed. Loved those natural pear shaped slightly pendulous breasts. Location was a nice place in a good area and the room was very clean with towels. May be shy at times but let her know what you like and want, she's very kind and willing to accommodate. 813-582-6049 ... more >