It was completely mind blowing! Overall, real nice girl, pretty, sweet and accommodating, a very positive experience. I was staying till Sunday but I think I may be staying for next week too. Not sure if it's just the style of her pics, but she looks much younger in person. Yes, the pictures are definitely accurate. She is a lovely girl kind of model-like features. We decided on a 30 minute date. I was super pumped, her photos were incredible, and the few reviews I had read were glowing. But my bad habit of more research kept creeping up in the back of my head. Here on this board she has only 2 reviews, that really isn't enough for me. So I reached out to my fellow board members and the bro action was strong! Thanks guys for helping a bro out! The word of mouth just sang of a young woman who was enthusiastic, warm, and willing to please. This was so reassuring, so much so that I ended up realizing that 30 min might not be enough time to really connect with this girl. Was surprised today when I saw her ad on here and was able to make an appointment without difficulty. The satisfying grin on her face was priceless. She reacted to every little thing I did like any hot girl would... nothing too exaggerated but it looked like she was enjoying herself. Cute girl, lovely figure, velvet skin, warm personality and great service. She opens the door with a big smile, and she is very pretty! She was very responsive and polite in her texts. I had a slight delay coming into town and contacted her about that, and she was very, very easygoing about the whole thing. The thoughts in my mind have been running for far too long, I was holding it for the longest time that day prior to our session. 813-576-4404 ... more >