When she tells her buddies I am not sure they will believe her but I must tell her eyes are on her head and not polite to stare at her goodies lol. I could see that you guys would just LOVE her, she has the personality of a goddess and is a great listener and conversationalist. Recently seen her, and was impressed with this girl once again. Who am I to argue. Here’s the story for you, purely subjective and my opinion only. Got call, location, room, a slight tap, the door opens and behind the door this I what I found a very sexy looking girl. Arrived for the session and it was one of those great moments when your expectations are exceeded. Pics on the site are accurate but she is quite beautiful facially with gorgeous eyes. From a physique standpoint, I actually thought she looked tighter in person. Amazing legs with nice muscle tone, fantastic shapely but firm butt. I reach the location and knock on the door. She opens the door dressed in a cute little nightie. She deserves to be treated well and I hope I did so. It felt so natural and progressed and intensified. Our session left me with “a quiver down my backbone, and tremors all over”. Based on excellent reviews from experienced massage seekers on this board, I decided to see her before I went on my trip last month. I am glad I did. 813-502-0398 ... more >