I saw her and just had to write down this review as soon as I came back. Those having seen her should agree with my report. I was offered everything stated in her menu and gladly accepted. Thank you dear, for being so good to me. Consider this review my gift to all fellow board members. You can thank me later. Anyway, she is a definite must see if you are into this type of chicks. I was not rushed, nor was she a clock watcher. Thought I would post a review of this girl who I recently saw up. I repeated her last weekend and I had another memorable session. Easy and obliging to move around for various forms of fun. Lovely smile and very eager lips. Given her amazing face and body I would definitely make another appointment with her! I thought of seeing her again after my meeting but ended up taking some clients out and didnít get home until late. I am from out of town, but when I'm back, I know I won't be looking around. I'll go right back to her for sure! Fit, trim and in shape. Ample hips, fantastic rounded and taut butt, firm and toned legs and basically just so damn sexy. Grabbed a quick shower and we chatted some more before I left. She has been in a great discreet location with parking, very close to where I work. 470-407-9698 ... more >